How will the Experience of Leadership adapt with Changing Technology by Jyoti Sharma

On Friday 12th October, Jyoti Sharma (Digital Transformation Leader, Driving Innovation for clients at EY) will be discussing the topic of ‘How will the experience of leadership adapt with changing technology?’.

Jyoti firstly looks at some of the key issues that businesses are facing today and how businesses are adapting to the change in technological advancements. She looks at how exactly as a business you define what your ‘starting point’ is as you look to digitally transform. Jyoti also looks at how advancements in the Internet of Things can bring real business benefit through commercials & brand awareness in the market before looking at how the ‘sharing economy’ is having an impact on business strategy.

Jyoti’s key themes are around what organisations are being affected by when looking at changing technologies with a focus on the leadership & behavioural roles as technology change is implemented.

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