About the EiL 2018

How to become a high performance organisation

The Business Transformation Network is proud to present our first 2-day summit, focusing on business transformation with an emphasis on people & technology leadership.

The EiL summit will play host to an array of conversations from industry-leading speakers, who will give their insight into how organisations can help to deliver excellence.

The balance of industry expertise in the fields of people and technology, within a location that is designed for business innovation, will impact your business through 2018 and beyond.

Jacqui Alexander

Managing Director - ChangePace Consulting Ltd

Philip Alexander

Non-Executive Director - Agile Business Consortium

Martin Blackburn

UK People Director - KPMG

Julian Burnett

VP & Executive Partner of Retail - IBM UK

Megan Caywood

Chief Platform Officer - Starling Bank

Katrina Collier

The Searchologist

From our Partners and Speakers

Standardisation vs Flexibility and Agility: Finding a Balance – Amanda Colpoys

Amanda Colpoys (Head of Agile Coaching at Moonpig) will be talking on Thursday 11th at 2:15pm-3:00pm on the topic of ‘Standardisation vs Flexibility and Agility – Finding a Balance’. Amanda discusses the biggest issues facing leaders today, focusing on how to move fast and innovate at scale. She continues to look at the relationship between

The Only Way is Ethics by Harvey Francis

Harvey Francis (Group HR & Communications Director at Skanska) will be talking on Thursday 11th at 11:15am-12:00pm on the topic ‘The Only Way is Ethics’. Harvey discusses the biggest issues facing leaders today, looking at the ability to lead through change and manage uncertainty, especially with the nature of modern business and the role of

Accelerating Delivery and Performance – Pankaj Jain

Pankaj Jain (PJ) is Head of Change at State Street and is on the panel around ‘Accelerating Delivery & Performance’ on Friday 12th October. PJ delves into his own experience as a leader of change in his organisation of doing the ‘what’ very well but doing the ‘how’ even better. Challenges for organisations are discussed